Front-End Developer

Boston, MA

In our line of work, user experience is everything. As the CEO of WorldClinic once put it, “Complexity is death when it comes to asking a patient to adopt a new technology…One click or one tap and then two choices is about all most people can tolerate.” We have the luxury of having trained medical technicians and nurses at primary care using our technology, but in a busy clinic, that only buys us one or two more clicks.

The difficulty of designing a user experience in healthcare that fits all regulatory constraints, works reliably, and doesn’t look like Windows 98 can be daunting, but our product development team is up to the challenge. Designing and developing at 3Derm goes beyond well-dressed interfaces. If we get this right, we drive adoption and make a real impact on patients’ lives.

As a Front-End Developer, You Can Expect To…
  • Design and improve our user interfaces
  • Work with our product and business teams to ensure customer needs are met
  • Follow test-driven development methodology (everything breaks, but at 3Derm it only breaks the same way once)
  • Go home every day knowing you’ve built something that matters

An Ideal Candidate Would…
  • Be passionate about improving healthcare access
  • Love a challenge and learning all day, any day
  • Have mastered full-stack development, but with a passion for front-end
  • Be a team player
  • Be flexible in project assignments and learning new technology
  • Have 2-4 years experience in front-end design/engineering

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