Computer Vision Engineer

Boston, MA

3Derm is looking for a computer vision engineer to work on machine learning tasks for an image-based automated device, as a member of our collaborative, curious, and friendly operations and engineering team.

We’re a leading skin imaging and diagnostics company using 3D imaging and AI to set a new standard for dermatology. Our team of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to increase access to dermatology for all patients.

Job Responsibilities

As a 3Derm Computer Vision Engineer, you will report directly to the CTO. You will be responsible for developing and improving new computer vision and machine learning algorithms to create image-based automated products for the skin.

You’ll be:
  • Working with product and business teams to ensure customer needs are met
  • Follow test-driven development methodology (everything breaks, but at 3Derm it only breaks the same way once)
  • Designing deep learning algorithms

Required Skills

At 3Derm, we’re looking for candidates who are team players, passionate about improving healthcare access and love a challenging work environment.

  • Bachelor's/M.Sc. degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Experience with Keras and Tensor Flow
  • Demonstrated experience in developing software for computer vision
  • Demonstrated industrial experience in developing computer vision technology (2-3 years)
  • Demonstrated experience in working on imaging/camera systems
  • Demonstrated experience with CPU/GPU programming
  • Demonstrated experience in machine learning, deep learning, recommendation algorithm
  • Demonstrated experience in distributed computation
  • Demonstrated algorithm optimization skills
  • Flexibility in project assignments and learning new technology
  • Desire to tackle challenging problems and learn all day, every day

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